Monthly Archives: April 2011

Land Rover Discovery for Discovery Bay

Over the years we have been suffering high transport cost bringing animals to our lovely Discovery Bay resident fans. It is because ours are private cars which are not allowed to enter DB. To bring animals in we have to hire a van. Besides, the van driver would not wait for us till the show ends so it means when we leave we have to hire another van, which makes double fees for the expensive DB tunnel and Tsing Ma bridge!

But now, finally, we have tackled this problem!

We have got a new car – the 2011 Land Rover Discovery 4 – It is registered as commercial vehicle so we can save the van hire cost as well as the extra unnecessary tunnel and bridge fees.

We ordered the LR4 half year ago and finally it has arrived Hong Kong. It will be ready in a week. Our DB customers will not have to suffer high transport cost no more! Everything will be back to normal, finally.

Besides, the LR4 is way more environmental friendly than the previous generations of Land Rovers, too.

We look forward to coming over DB more often! We love DBers!

Rosie the tarantula on Nokia commercial

Goatee Toni handling Rosie the beautiful spider girl shows up in Nokia E7 TV commercial for 4 seconds.


This is the German version. There are a lot other amazing shots taken that will probably be on other upcoming versions.


More of us on the upcoming English version, but unfortunately it’s not for Hong Kong. Here is a screen capture