Monthly Archives: May 2011

Jurassic Garage is going to be born

Dealing with wild wild animals both in the jungle and in the farm is always what I enjoy doing. But since when did I begin handling kids as well? 🙂 That’s a good one I haven’t really thought about.

Everything started off unintentionally with being invited to give a speech in an international school.  Then the number and variety of bookings we received keeps growing. My team and myself have been providing animal presentations for some good 6 years.  Now, it has become an enhanced program loved by so many kids and most happily been described as “the best party ever”.

It’s all good now. For me it means we are set for going on the next step.

In Hong Kong there are hardly any places good for kids to learn about and interact with animals, let alone an expat-friendly one. That’s a shame but we all know why there’s none. The running cost of business is so high and it only keeps going up. Animal educational facilities do not make good money, so no one dares to risk.

As you all know I’m a risk taker. It is not about the bucks, gain or loss. but as I see how adults are pushing more and more animals to face extinction I see how important it is to foster some good sprouts who will change the world. This is a very natural rule. Maybe you won’t harm something you hate. but you must protect something you like. So my job here is to create opportunities for kids to meet some nice little-known animals, and to guide them to appreciate and foster an interest in them.

Now, on my birthday, I proudly announce that the project of our brand new animal facility on the Hong Kong side is confirmed. I named it Jurassic Garage. It will be like a club for members to visit and have parties.

The place is about 4,000 sq feet located in the east side. We have checked out Central and Ap Lei Chau but there is nothing available for such a size.

This idea initially popped up in my mind years ago. It took years to turn the research into practice. We clearly understand this is quite a risk in terms of business. But I also understand this is worth a risk for the mighty mission of education!

So I assume it takes a few months for us to build up and decorate the club. Its website will be launched soon. Stay tuned.