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20,000 Leatherback Babies Crashed by Heavy Machinery

(AP Photo/Papa Bois Conservation)

Within 2 weeks time, the earth has lost its last remaining Pinta Island Giant Tortoise, and up to 20,000 Leatherback sea turtle hatchlings. Both species have a natural lifespan of over 100-150 years.

The former species was the world’s largest tortoise, which is just extinct.

The latter is even bigger. It is the largest of all living chelonians. The largest recorded specimen was 10 ft long and over 2,000 lbs, found in 1988.

Giant animals might be stronger than smaller animals physically. But when it comes to survivability under human-caused threats, a chihuahua in a lady’s handbag can be stronger.

The Leatherback is a unique turtle not only because it is the largest turtle. It also has a special carapace┬ácovered by skin and oily flesh instead of a hard bony shell like other turtles. The only extant member of the family Dermochelyidae, now it is listed as critically endangered – one step beyond extinction. With an environment like now, we estimate it will go extinct within 10-15 years.

This time, a Ministry of Works employee operates a bulldozer next to destroyed as many as 20,000 leatherback eggs and lively hatchlings on the banks of the Grande Riviere Beach in Trinidad. It was claimed to be working with a shifting river that was threatening a hotel where international tourists watch the rare turtles lay their eggs. That is ironic.

It, again, proves that eco-tourism has to be done by professionals with conservation background. Otherwise it only kills the nature.

The critically endangered sea turtles are not only treated by tourism, pollution is another as everyone knows. But maybe not everyone knows how exactly. I have done autopsies on dead sea turtles washed ashore. The turtles were gut-loaded with plastic bags. Plastic bags floating in the sea look like jellyfish, which is their main diet.

Learn more, people. You don’t see blood doesn’t mean you haven’t killed them.




Jurassic Garage Club is open

It has been a long wait. The time was spent on those many problems we have been tackling and finally solved. Now, the Jurassic Garage Club is open.

It is a private club located in an industrial unit in Chai Wan – Nothing fancy but a real place to gain customized animal experience for both kids and adults.

This location might not be the best but we take it as an experiment. If it works we will be confident to invest more in somewhere better in the near future.

Animals are not permanently staying in there so we can exhibit different animals from time to time according to the event’s theme.

Families can have a private animal encounter on a Sunday afternoon. Adults can come over meet some critters in the evenings after work.

We will show more details when we got the time, but before that you can now book a visit or party. For bookings or inquiries please send us an email at





When you are down, stay with an animal

When you are weak or feel uneasy, stay with a smaller animal. Take care of some vulnerable little baby animals then your confusion flees away. Because when you have others life in your hands being strong becomes your only option.

When you find the world small and yourself big, stay with a bigger animal. Wrestle a gator or tug of war with an elephant then they will show you your hidden weakness and humble you big time.

Art with the Giant

Tiffany the tarantula becomes a mom of hundreds

I’m happy to announce that Tiffany, our famous tarantula, Rosie’s sister, gave birth to hundreds of babies successfully.

It was her first time but everything went well. For the past month Tiffany has been doing a great job looking after her babies in the egg sac.

After coming back from the movie The Amazing Spider-Man we decided to open the egg sac. Nothing about the movie but it was the right timing. Tiffany is always a sweet girl but when it comes to protecting her babies she shows me her fangs. It took a while for us to remove the egg sac by distracting her with some juicy high protein treats.

This was Tiffany before she got gravid.


Sneak a peek inside the sack.


Opening the sack



Some trailblazers stepping out of the nest to explore the world.


Now the eyes can be easily seen before body turns dark.


Little baby fangs. The tenderest moment of these killing weapons.


Spiderlings are only about 5 millimeters.


Spiderlings are moving slowly and very fragile. Now they do not have to feed until they grow to the next stage. Actually they are not able to kill a prey until their body gets more developed.


In the wild, spiderlings at this stage are totally vulnerable and make the easiest meal for all insectivores. Survival rate can be lower than 10% in some areas. But in here these pink babies have nothing to be worried about. I cannot wait to feed them their first bug and let you meet them soon!