Monthly Archives: May 2013

We made a mom happy for the Mother’s Day

We were doing a Snake Inspection Service but it was not a snake but a Centipede.

A mom of 4 young kids was bitten on the elbow by something during sleeping on her bed in her house in Stanley. The entire arm was numb. She went to hospital and had the whole family stayed in hotel overnight. Panic mode is on.

Next day Goatee Toni and crew came to there and had a complete check for a Snake Inspection. From the bite mark and symptoms we were suspecting it was a Green Pit Viper. But it turned out we found a Centipede! It was extremely active when we caught it. We will release it in new territories.

The kids were happy and the mom can have a good sleep tonight without such a many-legged roommate.

We believe it’s the best gift for the Mother’s Day for her.

Silkworm life cycle kits available

Silkworm Life Cycle kits – Available Now! After these you will have to wait till 2014 summer.

Surprised to find out some moms bought our Silkworms not only for their kids.

We delivered 2 sets of Silkworm kits to one of the moms last night. She was so excited seeing the worms and said it brought back her childhood memories.

Strongly believed that she ordered 1 set for her kid, and another set for herself 🙂