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Happy new year 2014!

Our snakes, lizards, bugs, amphibians, turtles, mammals, birds and all of us at JG wish you and your family a happy new year!
Big thanks to all the big and little fans we met in 2013! Your support gave us the drive to tackle all the barriers and keep things growing. We already have new stuff and plans on mind for some even nicer reptile/fluffy parties in 2014. Yay!


A reptile as Christmas gift?

As animal lovers we do not like to see people easily giving pets as gifts. It is a lifetime commitment and full of responsibilities.  But for those who are serious, we are happy to choose some of the most suitable ones for them to keep as pets. It also comes with the terrarium, food, and all equipment required, as well as care sheets and our professional advice.


Earlier today a very lovely parent just picked up their leopard gecko lizard terrarium (together with the nice lizard and all stuff) at JG Club. Now their lucky kid should be home getting the special Christmas surprise soon. 🙂 The lizard has been on the kid’s wish list for a loooooong time. He finally got it.

Update of this lizard 2015:

JG animal presentation at Stanley Family Carnival 2013

We were proudly invited to the Stanley Family Carnival 2013.

Unloading our buddies at the Hong Kong Sea School .

 Who likes snakes? (The fun part is their parents faces off stage)

Feeling the tongue flick from a carnivorous lizard is becoming a trend.

 Tortoise feeding is the easiest experience for everyone.

 Tarantulas session

For the little or timid ones we give them an easy start with the tail.