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Our animals are Ebola-free

Our African animals

Ebola is spreading in Africa but we did not think it has anything to do with our animals and shows, until recently.

Due to increased concerns from customers regarding the possibilities of our animals carrying Ebola, we would like to clarify that 100% of the whole line of our current African species come to events are captive bred – they have┬ánever really been to Africa.

We do not like the idea of having wild caught animals because they might carry diseases or parasites, and it harms the wild population of the species. Captive-bred animals are more friendly, clean, and suitable for events, too.

Our animal ambassadors are carefully chosen, hand picked from a lot more animals back in our New Territories headquarter to make sure you meet the best ones of ours.

Besides, none our crew has been to Africa in the past 3 months. We will also postpone our next trip to East Africa and Madagascar. Cheers!