Monthly Archives: November 2014

Axolotls are back

Good news! After over a year, Axolotls are available again!

These critically endangered creatures hold a mystical and unique position in the science field. They are one of very few creatures on earth that exhibits neoteny. Ladies might want to learn from axolotls – they look like a juvenile all life long Also the ability to regenerate lost body parts is speechless.

Want your kids to meet them and learn more? Book a show! Only available while stocks last.


Mr.Grumpy the snapping turtle


Most of the animals we chose to bring to shows are chill and friendly, but there are a few exceptions.

Mr. Grumpy is an alligator snapping turtle. Obviously, he is always very grumpy. That’s typical of this species. The healthier these turtles are the angrier they can get to scare you.

Many people like our gentle animals. But if you think no one likes Mr. Grumpy you’re wrong. People are scared of him but at the same time fascinated by the unique nature of him. He has a lot of fans indeed! Are you one of his fans?


Introducing Ajani the African tortoise


Have you met / fed this awesome gigantic tortoise in our shows?

Ajani is the alpha male of our African tortoise gang. The name Ajani comes from the African origin meaning a warrior who fights for possession and wins the struggle. As a leader, Ajani keeps the tortoise gang in order and stops other tortoises from fighting for fruits (mainly because he will grab all the juiciest fruits before anyone else) The strategy is that he will push the food to a corner and occupy the entire corner with his big fat shell so nobody else can reach the food. Remaining greedy is how they survive in the wild in an arid desert where food is scarce.