Monthly Archives: May 2015

Uniform or no uniform? – 101 myths about JG


You might be confused and wondering why that sometimes you see our crew in a show in casual wear instead of uniform?

So we have different packages for customers to choose. For smaller shows, we have fewer and a lighter selection of critters than our regular shows, we would be in casual wear. For all regular shows we would be proudly in our classic safari khaki uniform.

Feel free to ask us anything else you wanna know about us!

An Army of Beetles just arrived



New critters! We’re going to include an army of beautiful beetles in our animal ambassador team! The one Goatee Toni holding in the photo is the renowned Hercules beetle, the largest rhinoceros beetle on earth!

He’s just one of many beetles just arrived to our menagerie. They’re all hand-picked for the best quality and definitely the favorite insects for many kids. Book us now!