Basking baby dragon

According to the weather forecast it will be raining for the entire week. Most animals had been put inside. i was meant to turn on more UV lamps and devices for my desert-dwelling friends. Surprisingly when i entered the farm the clouds fled following by a nice sun on top of head. i took my time and put back the tortoises, lizards and other animals to the outside enclosures to enjoy basking.

Other than basking i put the bearded dragons on the roof for them to soak in the meantime. The Australian bearded dragons are desert-dwelling insect eaters. Their life consists of two things- bugs and heat. They can take high temperatures for a while up to 115 degrees. That’s about 46 in celsius. People won’t survive without AC, letting alone 115 degrees. Sometimes during basking the dragons will keep the mouth open to maintain their body temperature. Keeping a right body temperature at a right time is the key of living for cold-blooded animals.

It’s so hot…. After having all animals moved the topless me have already been all wet. but the dragons haven’t even dropped a sweat. 🙂

While sitting having a drink i saw my newly acquired camera and lens. And what? For sure i took my time and did some shots for a baby bearded dragon. It’s the first time i tried this camera under sunlight. I haven’t got very used to this camera but the pics still turn out to be stunning, because the creature itself is stunning. Luckily enough I’ve got pics of some behaviors and postures a dragon won’t normally do, including having mouth opened and legs straightened. Here goes!

By the way, this is the exact dragon appeared in the rooftop of Peak Galleria sunday market a couple months ago who made an escaping mad run 50 feet away causing me to finish it with a flying catch in the public. 😀

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