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12 baby hedgehogs from 3 mothers born right before September

New lives born here before summer officially ends.

Day 2 – September 1st – Amy listening to ABC song while nursing her hoglets. At the moment in here we have 3 mothers with newborn babies. What a lovely start of September having 3 new arrays of hedgehogs!


Day 3 – Sneak peek into this albino mother’s nesting box. She made herself dirty which is a natural behavior to mix scents and avoid predators. We cannot give her a bath in the coming 6 weeks… But it’s all good. Housekeeping by us still on!


Vegan buffet for tortoises

Alden the giant tortoise from the Seychelles feeding on wild yam. Just a juvenile now and can weigh over 500 lbs when grown.

Typical afternoon at one corner of JG. All-you-can-eat vegan buffet served every day. Today we’re serving freshly harvested wild yam.

An Army of Beetles just arrived



New critters! We’re going to include an army of beautiful beetles in our animal ambassador team! The one Goatee Toni holding in the photo is the renowned Hercules beetle, the largest rhinoceros beetle on earth!

He’s just one of many beetles just arrived to our menagerie. They’re all hand-picked for the best quality and definitely the favorite insects for many kids. Book us now!

Fernanda the Brazilian snake


Goatee Toni handles Fernanda the Brazilian snake –

One of the most beautifully patterned snakes in the world, Fernanda is definitely a unique attraction in our shows! It took us many years to have her grown up to a nice 6-footer from a tiny little baby. Something very interesting about these snakes is that they don’t lay eggs! Babies are born alive!

Have you met Fernanda yet?