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Animal collectible cards for our exclusive customers

It’s time to pamper our VIPs!
A sneak peek of our first 3 collectible cards:-

– Amy the hedgehog (Limited Edition)
– Ziggy the Iguana (Limited Edition)
– Venomous Snakes of Hong Kong

To thank you for your continuous support, a set of 2 collectible Animals Ambassador card will be sent to our selected past customers by mail. If we have missed you/ you have moved, please inbox us and we will send you a copy! 🙂

Not for sale item only for selected past customers.

Animal cards

Uniform or no uniform? – 101 myths about JG


You might be confused and wondering why that sometimes you see our crew in a show in casual wear instead of uniform?

So we have different packages for customers to choose. For smaller shows, we have fewer and a lighter selection of critters than our regular shows, we would be in casual wear. For all regular shows we would be proudly in our classic safari khaki uniform.

Feel free to ask us anything else you wanna know about us!

Meet Jabba the African Bullfrog


Jabba is a unique animal of ours. He’s not an eye candy type of critter that makes people say “Ahhh so cute” like our hedgehogs or baby chinchillas do. He doesn’t make much people exaggerate their facial expressions like our snakes and tarantulas do. But he’s the only one that causes people to keep saying both “Yuck! He’s so ugly” and “Can I hold him now? Can I give him a kiss?” at the same time. Pure contradiction 🙂

When it comes to presenting these not-so-good-looking critters, it tests the skills and experience of the presenter. You can either make people hate it more or change their mind to start appreciating something they’ve disliked for a lifetime.