Jurassic Garage Ltd. provides professional animal experiences in Hong Kong, founded by zoologist Toni Kingston. He started presenting animals professionally and turned full-time in 1997, being the first in Hong Kong.

We currently have about 1,830 animals originally from all over the world. Now most our animals were bred and born here at JG. All of our events are presented by professionals made to fit in various events - Corporate events, School presentations, Children's parties, Adult parties, Photo shoots, just to name a few.


Our professional presentations consist of matters of biology, animal classification, evolution, habitats, ecology, geography, conservation of endangered species, and people's cultures and rumors about animals. We show the natural side of animals and correct the misunderstanding and negative thoughts of creepy crawlers on people's mind.

With a proper presentation, audience can quickly turn from being scared into fostering an interest in the animals. Phobia often comes from misunderstandings. Besides, during our presentations, people do not only have fun but also will learn to respect the animals they like, and also those they don't like. A person who can respect animals he does not like, he will also respect people of different races and classes.


Fleet of Animobiles

Driving with animals is a large part of our work. For the highest standard of safety and comfort for the animals, our fleet of "Animobiles" consists of Tesla model X, Tesla model S, Land Rover Discovery 4, and air-conditioned vans. Since 2016, we mainly use Tesla for the good of the environment.



Animals are not toys or performers. Trained animals doing tricks is something we never do and hate to see. The entertainment we are talking about here is a fun time that makes a perfect platform for us to promote conservation. The truth is people will only put real efforts on the protection of something they have encounted and then appreciate or are emotionally connected to. We believe this is the best way to get people started to foster an interest in firstly our animals and then a desire of protecting more endangered animals in the wild.


Benefits for children

For animals lovers, needless to say, we are for sure the best experience to gain. But those who has no passion for animals would also benefit from the experience, especially important for children.

Children were born with curiosity about other living things. Every child needs to be provided with an opportunity to know about different animals that share the earth with us. It helps them develop an positive understanding of, and a healthy respect for the world around them.

Statistics says that if children gained appreciation for reptiles or "creepy" types of animals at early stage, they would develop better character and attitude towards different things they encounter in grown up life.



We hope to change people from fearing, hating or disliking, to understanding, respecting, loving, and finally to putting efforts in protecting all sorts of animals living on the same earth with us.

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." — Charles Darwin

We believe our passion can generate a quality influence within our audience and spark an interest to develop their own passion for wildlife.

Through our animal ambassadors we work toward promoting a desire to protect our worlds precious animals and ecosystems. Our conservation-based message will leave our audience with the ideas and knowledge to make a difference in our planet's future. Meanwhile, a large portion of booking profits goes to animals.



Most of the people who joined our shows had zero experience with reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and exotic mammals. They were generally scared of them and with a negative image of these critters on their mind. With our passion in the animals and professional presenting skills, most of the audience would change their mind from being scared to finding them interesting. New understanding and positive perspective on these animals are gained. They even would not want us go at the end of shows.

In between 2004 and 2016 we had done 3,086 presentations for over 100,000 people in total. With averagely 75% of the audience changed their mind after our shows, means, during the 8 years we have successfully changed 75,000 people's mind from disliking to liking these animals by the quality time we spent to make an influence.