We value our customers, but the well-being of our animals is always our first priority.


      We are all animal lovers here in Jurassic Garage. Before JG was founded we already had our menagerie and breeding facilities running since 1996. We did not acquired the animals for presentations. Many of them are rescued. JG is all about education and aiming at influencing people by showing them real animals up close.


      Although JG does not run exactly like a charity, whenever there shows a conflict between the animals and business we are always on the animals' side undoubtedly. JG is a company without any financial goal. Throughout the decade we have refused quite a number of bookings that might do harm to the animals or promote wrong values.


      "How do you train them to become so tame?" No, we never train animals, and we don't have to. We build trust. All we present is their natural behaviors and that is what makes them beautiful. Our animals are friendly to people because they are captive bred, and cared properly since born to develop an understanding that humans are not enemy.


      We only choose to bring the animals that are in good shape on the day of event.


      Each animal is brought to events  no more than 2 times a month to ensure they have enough rest. For popular species, we have a number of substitues aka stunt doubles so that we are able to show the animals being requested for every time.


      Animals are driven to the locations in temperature-controlled, comfortable and the safest vehicles. Our fleet of "Animobiles" consists of Tesla model X, Tesla model S, Land Rover Discovery, and air-conditioned vans. Snakes and some lizards are kept in professional snake bags. Other animals are kept in covered cages to let them feel secured during the journeys.


      Audience has to agree to be gentle, careful and respectful in order to handle the animals. If anyone does not follow our instructions during the show we can reject him/her or stop the show.


    • Each animal appears no more than 2 times a month
    • 24 hours experienced care takers
    • Both indoor and outdoor enclosures in a secured location
    • Animals always the first priority
    • No financial goal to achieve
    • Bookings that might harm animals will be refused
    • We don't train animals - we bond with them
    • Transported in the safest and comforatble vehicles (Tesla and Land Rover)
    • Everyone, including our customers, has to respect the animals