Ann Chan
General Manager
Christina Noble Children's Foundation (HK) Ltd

Dear all at Jurassic Garage, a big thank you to your generous support to the event! It has made the day very interesting and educational for many little ones.


April Stock
ISF Carnival committee

A huge thank you from the ISF Carnival committee for Goatee Toni's successful and fruitful participation in our event last Sunday, we feel it was a huge success and your team was integral in it in every way! We look forward to more successful collaborations with you in the future.
Have a great week and please thank your entire team on my behalf.
Thanks & best wishes,


Ada Leung,
Ogilvy PR

Thank you for organizing the workshop for our team last Friday. They loved it to bits! The team had a debrief on the following Monday and talked about how they've overcome their 'fear' by approaching the animals bravely. With Toni's help, we have reached the purpose of this team building exercise. So really thank you for the partnership!


Mark Ferguson,
Science Teacher South Island School
Chair of ESF Secondary Science Curriculum Group

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to all of you for all your efforts at the ESF Secondary Science CPD last week. All feedback from teachers has been excellent, and I know you all worked hard to make this an outstanding day.


Kate Ringrose,
Discovery Bay International School

Thank you!! It was great - The children do love Toni - It's become a tradition!!


Parkview International Pre-School

Thanks for coming today and for being such a good sport and letting the kids play with the animals. I hope the animals were not too traumatised. Next year, we'll definitely do this again but perhaps at home this time. Thomas was actually not feeling too well today, but he seemed to enjoy it and has been talking about the stinger on the scorpion and the cockroaches.
Best wishes


Jacqui Prohaska Stewart,
Principle, City Kids (HKPPA) Pre-School

Dear Riley and Toni,
I just want tot thank you for today. The presentation was just as good as I had hoped it would be (which is why I was calling you so much. We were very keen to make the booking) I've quite a bit of positive parental feedback and the children were very excited. I am really pleased we were able to invite you into the school.

Thanks again


Rochelle Fletcher,
Burnside Villa, Repulse Bay

Toni, thanks for a brilliant exciting and informative day! The girls loves the party and are still talking about it :-) Josephine had "the beat time". She was thrilled. We have already given your details to one of our neighbours.


Linda Abkjer Rindbo,
Scenic Villas, Pokfulam

I would like to say a BIG thank you for an amazing experience for all of us at Nikolas' Birthday Party on Saturday.

It was great and some mums are telling me that their children finally did something they felt like talking about at home - normally they never "do anything".

Take care and thanks a lot.


Donna Yip,
Provident Villas, Pokfulam

Dear Toni,

Thanks so much for making Toby's birthday a big success. All the kids and adults had a fantastic time. We were keen on gettting a blue tongue lizard at some stage but I think I like the tarantula too!! (haha)

We were really happy with Toni's visit and he did such a great job with the kids.

Kind regards
Donna Yip


Melanie Mitchell,
Middleton Towers, Pokfulam

Hello Jamie
I just want to tell you that Goatee Toni was fantastic and my daughter had an unforgettable birthday party. All of the children loved seeing and getting up close to the animals and I couldn't believe how brave they all were touching the snakes and letting the reptiles crawl on them!

All of the parents were very impressed with the animals and the educational and?entertainment aspects of Toni's presentation.

Please pass on my thanks to Toni and his team for an amazing, memorable day.

Melanie Mitchell


Anne Davidson,
Kowloon Junior School

I just wanted to write and tell you what a great success Toni Goatee's visit to us was. The children really enjoyed seeing the unusual animals close up and were certainly fearless in touching and holding them! Toni was great with the children and giving us information about them. Please pass on our thanks. Our only regret is that the sessions passed too quickly! We will certainly aim to book again next year and for longer sessions next time.


Mrs. Jane Atherton

Just wanted to thank Toni and his assistant for coming along to Amber's birthday last night.
Toni has a great personality and he kept all of the guests entertained with the snake and lizard - everyone had a really great time.
Thank you again for the special rate you did for us.

With kindest regards


Anita Soekarno
Pacific View, Tai Tam

we had a great time! i just hope the children were not too out of control for tony who was fabulous and the animals were wonderful. hector had a very memorable birthday. thank you.


Hong Siau
Grand Panorama

We enjoyed and appreciate your sowing the seeds of nature wonder into the little boys and girls today.? The sugar-glider makes an impression with the noise they generate.


Christina Siu,
King's Park Hill

Dear Toni,
Thank you for your coming to Chester's birthday. All the children are really enjoy the fun for touching different kind of small animals that you bring. We look forward to see you again another day.
Best Regd
Christina Siu


Chester Siu,
Australian International School

Dear Goatee Toni,
Thankyou for the fantastic presentation you did.


Ms. Sharon English,
Club Siena, Discovery Bay

Hi Toni,

Thankyou for the wonderful presentation, all the children and adults enjoyed it very much! You did a great job. I will let Kobi know that you are available to give advice on his chameleons if he needs.

Thanks again,


Singapore International School

Your Wildlife Experience talk in SIS was really interesting. I hope you can come again sometime. Are you free. your workshet about the animals was really hard, but interesting!!


Brian Chan,
Singapore International School

Hi,I am the guy that gave you a candy. i really like your animals but too bad i was not chosen to touch them...


Mr. Patrick Beaupre, teacher,
Delia School of Canada (Secondary Section, Science dept)

thanks. the kids really liked the presentation...its always great for kids to see animals! especially such city kids!


Mrs. Jenny Litherland,
Strawberry Hill, The Peak

Thank you for coming to Hubie's party and making it such a memorable occasion. We all loved seeing the animals and just hope that they aren't too exhausted today.

Hubie thought it the best party ever and his friends are all asking for the snake man to come to their parties!


Mrs. Gray,
Strawberry Hill, The Peak

We were very lucky to enjoy a birthday party on Monday with your company, thank you. My son has since become very interested in the animals you had to show and has asked us to consider arranging a similar party for his birthday.


Mr. Shawn Rodd,
Broadview Villa, Happy Valley

Thank ya so much, bro Ras! what I have to say is myself and my family have gained a boatload of wildlife knowledge. We were just a total know-nothing at the beginning and now, after 3 months, I can even deal with the swift snakesss on my own. You are our real mentor Toni


Mr. Patrick Beaupre, teacher,
Delia School of Canada (Secondary Section, Science dept)

Hello again! Last year, your organization visited our school, with great success. We at the science department are interested in having you come again soon, if possible


Ms. Ada Y. T. Fung,
St. James' Settlement (Youth Service)

Thanks for your coming! We're really enjoy the presentation -- most of the children and parents said that this is the most memorable session among our series program. They feel fruitful as it's not easy to know (and touch, of course) about these special animals in city.

They learnt the message of protecting the Earth and shared what they knew to those who absent that lesson. Some of them feel regret after their sharing, too! Haha~~

Hope to see you and cooperate again very soon! :-) ps. I'm really excited to meet such kinds of animal too~~~ 'though my finger's bitten by that 'lovely' hedgehog~~~ XD


Ms. Nancy Lo, ActiveKids Ltd

Just to let you know that the general feedback from students was good. Your animals were probably the "highlight" of our summer camp. I'm sure we'll co-operate again in future. I'll send you the photos within days. Thanks again for all your support.