Originally designed and created by Jurassic Garage, the Insect Life Cycle Kit allows children to learn about the entire life cycle of a typical insect with a complete metamorphosis  (egg >> larva >> pupa >> adult)  while easily keeping it at home or classroom.



Put the kit in a cooler place and keep the inside slightly moist (not wet). Avoid direct sunlight.

No feeding is required until it turns into a beetle - The worm is pre-loaded with food.

How long will it take?
The whole process from a worm to a beetle takes around 25-40 days, depending on temperature and conditions. If too much handling or being exposed to light over 12 hours a day it can delay the process.

Life Cycle
After about 10-14 days the larvae (worms) should begin to metamorphose into pupae. Pupae don't move unless touched, and then they will wiggle a little. After another week or two, the pupae will morph into adult beetles. They are a creamy white at first. After a few hours they will be brownish orange. In a few days, they will be the characteristic matte black.

Safe to touch? 
This species is harmless and not poisonous. The worms can give a slight pinch if handled roughly but they do not bite hard enough to break skin. Pupae will wiggle if touched. Beetles do not bite and can be handled safely.

Do all worms turn into beetles?
No, but keeping them in a suitable environment would help increase the rate though. The same in nature, not all worms can eventually turn into beetles.



Adults will live for a few months after turning into beetles. They can be easily kept till the end of life.

Beetles can be kept in any open-top plastic or glass container of at least 10 cm tall. 

Bedding - Cover the bottom with 2 cm deep of wheat bran or oatmeal. 

Add chunks of tree bark, a piece of wood, or leaves for them to crawl on and hide under.

Add small pieces of fresh vegetable or fruit (apple, carrot, etc) for providing source of water. Replace them when rotten. Additional water is not needed. 

Keep in cool place - avoid direct sunlight.


What Do You Learn?

* Entire life cycle of an insect with a typically complete metamorphosis (egg >> larva >> pupa >> adult). 

* The entire process takes up to 2 months so it gives children great practice for patience and observation.

* How to handle tiny creatures gently. It trains finger muscles and agility.

* Fostered to appreciate a living thing, even a tiny one deserves respect.

* Gain hands-on experience you don't get from books or school. The entire life cycle of a species is something you cannot possibly see even in the jungle!


Animal Welfare

Is this product moral?
This is not a toy but an educational product. No creatures would be harmed.

Why is the container small?
In nature, the worms would look for a very tight space to hide themselves into before they turn into pupae. This helps to keep them safe while they are in the progress without being able to move well. The container is meant to be smaller for such reason. You may relocate them to a larger container after they turned into beetles though.