The moments of kids interacting with all the beautiful animals could be once in a lifetime you don't want to miss.

  • Specialized in shooting kids with animals

  • Professional full-time event photographers

  • Familiar & well-coordinated with our animal handlers

  • You get ALL hi-res photos


Not every photographer can do this

Nowadays everyone can become a photographer. You can easily find tons of gorgeous photos in their portfolio. But remember, shooting still objects in a controlled environment is one thing. Shooting randomly moving objects in an uncontrolled environment is another.

1. Children and 2. Animals are the most uncontrollable objects in the world for shooting. And, yes, we have both.


We know each other well

Not only being professional and specialized in kids and animals, our photographers also have many years of experience working with our animal handlers. This is very important that our animal handlers know how, where and when exactly to create the best angles and perfect timing for our photographers to capture the precious moments which only last for less than a second. Neither the kids nor the animals would hang in there and wait till you got it. It usually happens within a big crowd which adds up the difficulty. This cannot be done with any photographers we don't know.


Parents can stay classy and let us do the photos

When it comes to animals and kids, the best angle is shooting horizontally. It means you have to lie down on the floor. No one wants too much clumsy parents at the party.

Our photographers take photos of all the kids and guests. Birthday kid's parents won't have to be worried about missing a snapshot of one of the kids holding animals. We give you all the photos that you can easily send to all kids' parents who are not at the party. Parents at the party can sit comfortably and enjoy watching their kids precious moments interacting with our animals.


Good for the show, too

Our presentation can go much more smoothly if parents won't need to take photos of each of their kids holding each of the many animals. We can have more time to show more of the animals and kids won't have to wait, too.



Canon/Nikon flagship DSLR cameras and lenses are used.


Our team

We have a few photographers and videogrphers in our team ready for your events.