Unique extracurricular activity in Hong Kong:

Zoo Comes To Your School


Classes, Assemblies, Fairs

Students can meet our amazing animals of different types from different countries and learn about animal classification, habitats, adaptation, life cycles, conservation, and whatever you want us to focus on.

Our presentations consist of matters of biology, geography, ecology, conservation, arts, people's cultures, and inspiration for scientific exploration. Contents are be made to fit your school's curriculum for different grades.

Our heuristic presentations have a lasting impact on a student's desire to learn, and bring existing study units to life.

Students can touch and feel some safe snakes, lizards, and other animals. With such a close encounter your students can truly understand and appreciate the animal's texture, detail, camouflage, behaviour, personality, beauty and much much more.

After our presentations, a lot of students have acquired an all new understanding of wildlife and nature.


For All Schools & All Ages

With over 18 years of working experience we can present the animals in an appropriate way to students of all different ages (anywhere from preschool to grade 12). Some of the many international schools that have invited us include:

  • AIS
  • DBIS
  • DC
  • ESF Secondary Science CPD (presenting to teachers)
  • FIS
  • Glenealy School
  • Harrow
  • ISF
  • IMS
  • Kellett
  • Kennedy School
  • KGV
  • KJS
  • NAIS
  • Parkview International Pre-School
  • Peak School
  • Sha Tin College
  • Sha Tin Junior School
  • Singapore International School
  • South Island School
  • West Island School
  • Woodland
  • just to name a few - See Past Work

While we specialize in international schools doesn't mean we don't do local schools. Being based in Hong Kong we can handle students of different cultures. In recent years we've been invited by more local schools than before and we are happy to go to more!




English is the medium for all our presentations. From our experience it is not a problem for ESL (English as second language) students. We could use very simple English. Our presentations are more focused on hands-on experience and the interaction with the animals.



I'm a parent. How can I get JG to my kid's class?

We're invited by schools for every school presentation we did. Feel free to suggest this amazing activity to your kid's class teacher or year head. We understand how it works inside each school so we make things easy for the teachers to make such activities happen.



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