(Non-emergency, Hong Kong)

Snake Inspection, Proofing, Consulting, Removal & Relocation


Got snakes?

When you find a snake around, don't try to kill it or hurt it. Stay calm, don't come close and keep all kids and pets away. Normally, snakes will not come towards people. The only possibility they will give a bite is for self-defense, like when they are cornered, carelessly stepped on, attacked, or grabbed. Don't do anything, just keep an eye on it and contact us for a consultation appointment.

Snakes of Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, we have over 50+ recognized species of native snakes, including 21 venomous species. Most of them are active around for 9 months every year. Pythons, cobras, pit vipers, kraits, rat snakes and many other snakes can be often found in the Peak, Mid-levels, Pokfulam, Stanley, Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay, Discovery Bay and all of the Lantau, Lamma Island, and a large part of the New Terrortories.

Win-win for snakes and people

Some snakes can be harmful to people but snakes also play an important role in our ecosystem in Hong Kong. We remove snakes from your place without killing or hurting them. Snakes caught will be released in a similar habitat somewhere far away from people.

More than just snakes catching

Snakes are secretive creatures. Usually you see a snake then it flees out of sight in next second. We can do a complete checkup for possible snakes favorite spots and snake nests. Besides, we can also provide consultation on how to discourage snakes in your place and education on how to identify local snakes.

Why shouldn't it be settled by other methods?

Some people will try to remove or kill a snake by themselves. It is the worst idea for untrained people to take this risk. Many of the venomous species, no matter big or small, in Hong Kong are deadly.

Some people would choose to call the police. That sounds legitimate if you don't know the fact. When police arrived if they see no snake, they will go. If the snake is still there normally they will call a "shea wong" who is usually an old man that is the owner of a chinese snake restaurant. It is also known that snakes could sometimes be injuried or killed on the spot.