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We Went Live On TV

Toni was invited to go live on TV for RTHK 31 All Being Well with Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen. The entire team and the production are so professional. There’s no script and not much preparation in advance. That’s fun! They learned about animals. We learned how a live TV show is produced smoothly. Our panther chameleon and Dominican mountain boa were doing a great job as well!

Behind the scenes:

The Official TV show:

Fernanda the Brazilian snake


Goatee Toni handles Fernanda the Brazilian snake –

One of the most beautifully patterned snakes in the world, Fernanda is definitely a unique attraction in our shows! It took us many years to have her grown up to a nice 6-footer from a tiny little baby. Something very interesting about these snakes is that they don’t lay eggs! Babies are born alive!

Have you met Fernanda yet?

It’s Snake Season!

Hong Kong python

There are merely a few things that might make bungalow or house residents in Hong Kong want to rather live in an apartment . Having wild snakes hide around home is one of them we often heard from residents of the Peak, Southside, Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay and DB. It would be a drawback of a natural living environment in warm places around the world, except for New Zealanders.

Now, the snakes out there are well awake! They will remain active until end of year.

The more common snakes of Hong Kong include the non-venomous Python, Rat snakes, and the venomous Cobras, Bamboo Viper, Kraits, Coral snakes, Red-necked Keelbacks, etc

If you have encountered a snake and would like to know if it’s venomous or not, or want a species identification, feel free to send us the photos.

If you have a snake problem and would like professional advice or a check for your residence, fill in the booking form of our Snake Inspection/Removal service and schedule an inspection.