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These Are Millipedes, Not Centipedes

Every time when I say I want to show you some creepy crawlies people are expecting spiders and snakes but no one will expect these.

I think these are creepier than spiders.

Shongololo, The Giant African Millipede

these are the African giant millipedes.

when i was in south Africa local people called them an interesting name shongololo they told me it means a train it’s a luxury way to travel millipedes are generally smaller way smaller than this this is the world’s largest species of millipede

How many legs do they have? 

they’re named milli-pede but actually they don’t have that many legs as the name suggests

so different species have different numbers of legs the african giant millipedes usually have 256 legs

so they have 64 segments on each segment there are two pairs of legs

this is the head you can see two antennae

it feels satisfying when they’re crawling on your hand so many legs tickling you at the same time amazing creature so they live in the forests rainforests and dry forests

I have seen them in a lot of different places in Africa 

they can be living on the ground many people think they are burrowers but actually i have seen them climbing trees they can climb very well

if you’re new to these animals you may be confused 

How to tell the difference between a centipede and a millipede?

they can look very similar to most people especially when you see one in the wild when they’re moving quickly when they move quickly that’s usually a centipede because millipedes are slow they are not fast at all usually millipedes are smaller but because these are the largest millipedes so they get this big they’re usually a lot smaller they’re usually just like this

and if you can take a close look it’s easier to identify you can look at the legs so these are millipedes they have their legs underneath the body centipedes have their legs on the side

and you don’t want to handle a centipede bare hand because centipedes are venomous millipedes are harmless

They’re actually very good for the ecosystem

they are herbivores they eat plants

the feces is very good for the plants that’s a fertilizer and also they clean up the floor of the rainforest by eating all the fallen rotten fruits

just like a janitor so the ecosystem needs these animals to clean up the environment wow amazing look how they move they don’t move all the legs at the same time

and the legs movement looks like waves


i’m not sure if i can show the camera it’s too small if you look closely you can see tiny little bugs on their body so that is actually very common those are mites but don’t be scared those mites are not the mites that live in a mammal’s body those are different kinds of mites they live on the body of a millipede and they’re actually good for each other so the mites will eat the leftover food from the millipede’s body so they can get food and they clean up the millipede’s body

so they are in a symbiotic relationship they’re helping each other living peacefully together

It is a perfect example of misunderstood animals 

most people when they look at them they think oh gross scary creepy but actually they are peaceful harmless clean animals that actually help the ecosystem

the world is full of misunderstanding

i hope you have learned something help spread the words and let more people understand the good side of these animals we do need them in our world i’ll let them go

it’s also very satisfying looking at them just walking.

Teachers React To Our Creepy Crawlers

Helping People Overcome Fear Of The Bugs They Had Never Touched

Millipedes are harmless, but often get killed by people. Why? That’s because they are mistaken for centipedes which are venomous.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Education is not just a talk or slide show presentation. Hands-on experience is what really inspires people to have new thoughts.

An Army of Beetles just arrived



New critters! We’re going to include an army of beautiful beetles in our animal ambassador team! The one Goatee Toni holding in the photo is the renowned Hercules beetle, the largest rhinoceros beetle on earth!

He’s just one of many beetles just arrived to our menagerie. They’re all hand-picked for the best quality and definitely the favorite insects for many kids. Book us now!

Tiffany the tarantula becomes a mom of hundreds

I’m happy to announce that Tiffany, our famous tarantula, Rosie’s sister, gave birth to hundreds of babies successfully.

It was her first time but everything went well. For the past month Tiffany has been doing a great job looking after her babies in the egg sac.

After coming back from the movie The Amazing Spider-Man we decided to open the egg sac. Nothing about the movie but it was the right timing. Tiffany is always a sweet girl but when it comes to protecting her babies she shows me her fangs. It took a while for us to remove the egg sac by distracting her with some juicy high protein treats.

This was Tiffany before she got gravid.


Sneak a peek inside the sack.


Opening the sack



Some trailblazers stepping out of the nest to explore the world.


Now the eyes can be easily seen before body turns dark.


Little baby fangs. The tenderest moment of these killing weapons.


Spiderlings are only about 5 millimeters.


Spiderlings are moving slowly and very fragile. Now they do not have to feed until they grow to the next stage. Actually they are not able to kill a prey until their body gets more developed.


In the wild, spiderlings at this stage are totally vulnerable and make the easiest meal for all insectivores. Survival rate can be lower than 10% in some areas. But in here these pink babies have nothing to be worried about. I cannot wait to feed them their first bug and let you meet them soon!

Winter Silkworms

Since kid we learned that silkworms are only active during summertime and go into hibernation before winter.

This year, now in mid December at 55°F, I found these worms unexpectedly! This is unusual. Probably they somehow did not manage to pupate, or it is a small-sized big indication of global warming.

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Rosie the tarantula on Nokia commercial

Goatee Toni handling Rosie the beautiful spider girl shows up in Nokia E7 TV commercial for 4 seconds.


This is the German version. There are a lot other amazing shots taken that will probably be on other upcoming versions.


More of us on the upcoming English version, but unfortunately it’s not for Hong Kong. Here is a screen capture

Tarantulas eat alive

If you find having a tarantula crawling over your hand hair-raising, you’ve gotta see them eat to scale up your feeling.

Tarantulas are predators. In the wild when the hunger comes they will prey on almost everything smaller- insects, geckos, tree frogs, and even venomous snakes. The way they hunt is fascinating. Unlike other spiders tarantulas don’t spin web. Instead, they capture prey on their own by their speed and power. Fangs are located underneath so they will swiftly move on top of the prey, bite, and eat.

From the prey’s view it would be extremely scary. Imagine a huge hairy spider jumps on top of you, and you’re surrounded by 8 hairy legs getting a nasty bite on top of your head by 2 huge shape fangs. It’s kinda like you’re going to a salon for a perm and inside the machine there are 2 vertical swords waiting.. Finally venom is injected directly into your brain and you suffer gigantic pain before falling into a coma. Even after you die your body melts into bloody liquid turning into nutrition for another creature… Alright, luckily there’s not yet any tarantula found bigger than human 🙂

But everything has its good side if you will use some brain. Our tarantulas are mainly fed on insects. so no bloody scene during feeding. I always try to find interesting facts out of scary critters. Here is one now I can think of. Interesting to tell, unlike other animals, the smaller young tarantulas eat more than the bigger adults. Spiderlings can feed as much as everyday, while adults can fast for 3 months or more. Besides, tarantulas can smell. Without nostrils they smell by feet. Imagine you have to step on a cheesecake with barefoot to taste it. 🙂