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Our Frog Has Multi-Million Views!

Jabba the African bullfrog has gone viral!

A 15-second unedited video taken by Toni Kingston while he was helping kids interact with Jabba our frog ambassador has got over 5.4M views (as of today) on Instagram.

JG animal presentation at Stanley Family Carnival 2013

We were proudly invited to the Stanley Family Carnival 2013.

Unloading our buddies at the Hong Kong Sea School .

 Who likes snakes? (The fun part is their parents faces off stage)

Feeling the tongue flick from a carnivorous lizard is becoming a trend.

 Tortoise feeding is the easiest experience for everyone.

 Tarantulas session

For the little or timid ones we give them an easy start with the tail.

Our Safari Rangers

The Crew at Jurassic Garage consists of a great variety of 21 animal enthusiasts, hand picked and trained by Goatee Toni, working respectively in our Headquarter, Farm, JG Club, and outside shows.

JG crew

Safari Rangers are the team you can meet at presentations. Our rangers are multiracial with English as primary language and from all over the world, like our animals. We are proud to have this energetic and passionate team consisting of zoology graduate, arachnid breeder, snake breeder, artist, and ones who grew up in wild Africa.
Not only being good with animals, they also handle kids well. They are either parents themselves or have been teaching children for years before they joined JG.

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