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We Went Live On TV

Toni was invited to go live on TV for RTHK 31 All Being Well with Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen. The entire team and the production are so professional. There’s no script and not much preparation in advance. That’s fun! They learned about animals. We learned how a live TV show is produced smoothly. Our panther chameleon and Dominican mountain boa were doing a great job as well!

Behind the scenes:

The Official TV show:

Our Star Iguana In A Music Video

Ziggy, our star iguana, is featured in this artistic music video! What a fine piece of art! Don’t worry about the smoky effect. Ziggy has been chilling and being loved by everybody of the crew. Singer-songwriter Kendy Suen @ Robynn & Kendy has even changed her mind from being scared to loving such big lizards!

Our gecko went to a good home

leopardgecko IMG_4249 2in1

A lovely mom sent us this picture of a leopard gecko she got from us a year ago together with setting as her son’s Christmas gift. Obviously a happy lizard. Good job! That’s responsible parenting.

Also glad that the care sheet and advice we provided helped and our lizard went to a good home.

See how it was like at the beginning in 2013:

A reptile as Christmas gift?

As animal lovers we do not like to see people easily giving pets as gifts. It is a lifetime commitment and full of responsibilities.  But for those who are serious, we are happy to choose some of the most suitable ones for them to keep as pets. It also comes with the terrarium, food, and all equipment required, as well as care sheets and our professional advice.


Earlier today a very lovely parent just picked up their leopard gecko lizard terrarium (together with the nice lizard and all stuff) at JG Club. Now their lucky kid should be home getting the special Christmas surprise soon. 🙂 The lizard has been on the kid’s wish list for a loooooong time. He finally got it.

Update of this lizard 2015:

Welcoming Slither the legless lizard

The legless lizard, our newly joined animal ambassador, just made her debut and got her name – SLITHER! It was nominated and voted by all guests of Animal Encounter at JG Club last weekend.

It was closed. SQ(u)EEKY lost by only 1 vote. We might use this name for another of our animal star.

Slither is a female European legless lizard, aka Sheltopusik (means yellow belly in Russian).

This is a true freak, seems to be developed with full of contradictions.

Being a lizard and it chose to lose its limbs and reduce its mobility. It prefers dry habitats but would often have to go to wet habitats to find its favorite food – earthworms, snails and slugs. It is the largest species of all legless lizards, reaching over 4 feet and being the king of its own clan, but it would drop off its own tail when threatened like a tiny gecko.

You might think that a lizard with no legs is like a snake. But when you look closely you will find her very different from a snake in many ways. The eyes, the ears, the tail, the scales, the tongue, the behaviors, nothing alike.

If snakes derived from lizards, then the legless lizards must have been like an abandoned experiment.

Slither has started her ambassadorship. Check her out at our events and experience the extreme side of nature.

Blue tongue lizards getting warm in cold winter

Thanks for global warming, this year it is especially cold. It has got to as low as 1°C outside, means 34°F.  I feel like I am still in the big apple, but it is Hong Kong.

Most of our animal buddies here are the tropical ones. Obviously they have to stay inside with heating. Look how our Australian Blue Tongue Skinks enjoy the basking. During it’s 1°C outside, it’s 24°C inside, and right under the heating spot it can get to as much as 35°C.

These are 2 of our blue tongues, both boys – uncle and nephew. The uncle was a bit overweight in the summer. After months of better diet he has got back his shape!! Look at his lovely waist.

Blue tongues are omnivorous, very much, so most of em in captivity have got too chubby. It looks cute being fat but obesity harms health for the long run (just like people!) so we are happy to see him back in his juvenile shape.