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Ask A Zoologist — Tough Questions From Kids Answered

Questions for Toni from students of FabSummer School:

00:46 How old are you?

01:29 What type of animals are spiders?

02:19 What does nocturnal mean?

03:09 Why you don’t afraid of animals?

05:52 What animals do you like the most?

06:59 Can Axolotls actually regenerate their bodies?

08:25 How do pets eat Mr. Toni?

09:55 Can your spiders makes spider web?

10:17 Why didn’t your hedgehog quill you?

11:29 Why is your hair like this?

14:14 If beetles live for 3-6 months, how will they become adults sooo fast?

16:04 If the animal has no eye lids, how can we tell they are sleeping?

17:05 Why the python’s body is so fat while it’s head is so thin?

19:03 Do you have a snowy owl?

19:12 I wonder the animals live together in a cage? or live alone?

20:14 How do the snake pee?

21:26 Can Chameleons lose tail?

22:07 Why did you decide to become a zoologist?

22:47 What will eat snakes?

Have an animal presentation for your kids school


Herpetologist and conservationist Goatee Toni has been invited by many schools to perform professional wildlife education in the past 13 years. Kellett, CDNIS, FIS, AISHK, NAIS, ISF, IMS, Woodland, many ESF’s and a few local schools, just to name a few. Carefully chosen animal ambassadors represent their own species for students to understand the natural facts of how they live in the wild.

If you’d like your kids to gain such an amazing, hands-on and unique learning experience, please ask the year head or relevant teachers of your kids’ school to book Jurassic Garage!

Visit to Kellett School



Our Iguana meets with the Kellett Dragon!

Ziggy and a bunch of his buddies just visited this gorgeous Kellett School Kowloon Bay campus.

Want us to visit your school? Ask your teachers / year head to have JG come to yours!

First visit to local school

IMG_7365 IMG_7333_ed

After 11 years, finally, we’re invited by a local school for the very first time. We had a great time presenting to the entire secondary school for its science week at Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary School.


Vice principal meets with Freddy our Argentinian lizard