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Animal Encounter

What is Animal Encounter?
Within the 2 hours you can enjoy an educational presentation and gain hands-on experience handling a group (over 15 species) of animals of very different kinds. Our professional crew will introduce each animal and help you handle each of the animals.

JG Club, Chai Wan

Animal Encounter is not a regular program – Dates and times are random (mostly Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or even weekdays during holidays). Details of each event will be shown in here and our facebook page about a week in advance.

Is it a very scary place?
Don’t take us as a haunted house type of entertainment. Showing a bunch of snakes and tarantulas doesn’t mean we like to scare people. Just the opposite, we like to show people the nice and lovely side of the critters. We believe that only if more people start to foster a love for the animals they will put effort on the protection of them.

Why is it a proven hit?
If your kids (or yourselves) like animals or creep crawlers, JG is definitely a hit you don’t want to miss. Even many that don’t have a special interest in them came with a doubtful face they left with an awe face.