Tiffany the tarantula becomes a mom of hundreds

I’m happy to announce that Tiffany, our famous tarantula, Rosie’s sister, gave birth to hundreds of babies successfully.

It was her first time but everything went well. For the past month Tiffany has been doing a great job looking after her babies in the egg sac.

After coming back from the movie The Amazing Spider-Man we decided to open the egg sac. Nothing about the movie but it was the right timing. Tiffany is always a sweet girl but when it comes to protecting her babies she shows me her fangs. It took a while for us to remove the egg sac by distracting her with some juicy high protein treats.

This was Tiffany before she got gravid.


Sneak a peek inside the sack.


Opening the sack



Some trailblazers stepping out of the nest to explore the world.


Now the eyes can be easily seen before body turns dark.


Little baby fangs. The tenderest moment of these killing weapons.


Spiderlings are only about 5 millimeters.


Spiderlings are moving slowly and very fragile. Now they do not have to feed until they grow to the next stage. Actually they are not able to kill a prey until their body gets more developed.


In the wild, spiderlings at this stage are totally vulnerable and make the easiest meal for all insectivores. Survival rate can be lower than 10% in some areas. But in here these pink babies have nothing to be worried about. I cannot wait to feed them their first bug and let you meet them soon!

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