Jurassic Garage Club is open

It has been a long wait. The time was spent on those many problems we have been tackling and finally solved. Now, the Jurassic Garage Club is open.

It is a private club located in an industrial unit in Chai Wan – Nothing fancy but a real place to gain customized animal experience for both kids and adults.

This location might not be the best but we take it as an experiment. If it works we will be confident to invest more in somewhere better in the near future.

Animals are not permanently staying in there so we can exhibit different animals from time to time according to the event’s theme.

Families can have a private animal encounter on a Sunday afternoon. Adults can come over meet some critters in the evenings after work.

We will show more details when we got the time, but before that you can now book a visit or party. For bookings or inquiries please send us an email at info@goateetoni.com





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